Dev Hynes decided to drop the new Blood Orange album, Freetown Sound, a few days early. The record features appearances by Empress Of, Debbie Harry, Starchild, Ian Isiah, Nelly Furtado,Ava Raiin, Bea1991, Ta-Nehisi C, Kelsey Lu, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Zuri Marley, as well as "quotes by" Vince Staples, Venus Xtravaganza, Ashlee Haze, and De La Soul. You can download it or stream it through all the usual places. Listen via Spotify below. He also put out the video for "Augustine" which you can watch below.

Blood Orange will play NYC’s Panorama festival in July. What do you think of the new LP?

UPDATE: Here is the tracklist with contributors listed by track:

1. "By Ourselves: Ian Isaiah (vocals), Ava Raiin (vocals), Ashlee Haze (poetry), samples from "Myself When I Am Real" written by Charles Mingus and the poem "For Colored Women" by Ashlee Haze.
2. "Augustine: Ian Isaiah (vocals), Ava Raiin (vocals), Aaron Maine (third chord suggestion on hook)
3. "Chance: Kelsey Lu (vocals)
4. "Best to You": Empress Of (vocals)
5. "With Him: BEA1991 (vocals
6. "E.V.P.": Debbie Harry (vocals), BEA1991 (vocals), David Ginyard (bass, Benjamin Morsberger (guitar)
7. "Love Ya": Zuri Marley (vocals), samples from an interview with Ta-Nehisi Coates
8. "But You: Bryndon Cook (of Starchild & the New Romantic) (vocals)
9. "Desirée: Patrick Wimberly (drums, percussion, bass), samples from the 1990 documentary film Paris Is Burning.
10. "Hands Up: Bryndon Cook (of Starchild & the New Romantic) (vocals), samples from an interview with Vince Staples
11. "Hadron Collider: Nelly Furtado (vocals)
12. "Squash Squash: BEA1991 (vocals)
13. "Juicy 1-4": Ava Raiin (vocals), David Ginyard (bass)
14. "Better Than Me": Carly Rae Jepsen (vocals), Bryndon Cook (of Starchild & the New Romantic) (vocals)
15. "Thank You": Ava Raiin (vocals), Adam Bainbridge (Kindness) (drums, sampling), samples from "Stakes is High" by De La Soul
16. "I Know"
17. "Better Numb": Aaron Maine (acoustic guitar)

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