Bloodshot Records co-founder Nan Warshaw has resigned from her position at the label following allegations of sexual misconduct made by Lydia Loveless against her domestic partner, Mark Panick. Her resignation was announced in a statement from the label, which reads, "co-founder Nan Warshaw is resigning from Bloodshot. Remaining co-founder Rob Miller, along with the entire highly dedicated staff, will continue the work of Bloodshot, while ensuring that the core values of the company are consistently represented by all associated w/ the label."

After Lydia came forward with the allegations, Warshaw said "for the moment, I'm going to step away from Bloodshot," emphasizing that "to be clear, my life partner, Mark Panick, does not work for Bloodshot in any capacity and has never been an employee of Bloodshot." "Since this issue came to light," she said, "my life partner Mark has not attended and will not be attending Bloodshot events, and he has not contacted and will not be contacting Lydia."

In her statement, Lydia said that Mark has been "as much a face of the label as anyone." "From the day I started a relationship with the label," she wrote, "he was a part of all social events, including taking my band and I out for drinks at SXSW the first time I ever went."

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