* photo of Lydia Loveless via Bloodshot Records

Alt-country singer-songwriter Lydia Loveless shared a statement on Instagram accusing Mark Panick, the domestic partner of Nan Warshaw, co-founder of Lydia's longtime label Bloodshot Records, of sexual misconduct. "I began my relationship with Bloodshot Records when I was 19," Lydia writes. "They are a fun and creative group of mostly good people - in fact many of them I consider to be friends more than business colleagues. However, Nan Warshaw's domestic partner Mark Panick has long been a source of strife for me."

Here's her full statement (spread across multiple pages of an Instagram gallery):

Bloodshot Records co-founder and co-owner Rob Miller made a statement in response on Twitter, disavowing Panick and emphasizing that he has never been employed by the label. "While I disagree with certain characterizations contained in the content of her recent social media posts," he writes, "the story is essentially, and sadly, true."

Here is Rob's full statement:

Some -- including Bloodshot-signed artist Sarah Shook -- quicky questioned Nan Warshaw's silence on the matter, but hours later Nan released a statement as well, saying she'd be stepping away from the label "for the moment." "For more than 3 years this has been a weight on my heart," she writes. "I’ve been struggling to address something I couldn’t talk about, because I respected Lydia’s privacy and her right to talk on her own terms, if at all. I am relieved Lydia is talking about it now."

Here is Nan's full statement:

Mark Panick also shared a response to the allegations on Twitter, writing, "I don’t want to invalidate anyone's feelings by defending myself from these accusations. I have never set out to make anyone uncomfortable. I sincerely apologize if anything I did made anyone feel unsafe and or uncomfortable."

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