Bars Against Bloomberg

An organization called Bars Against Bloomberg writes:

"The Bloomberg administration proposed the pending 'Nightlife License,' which may cause most NYC lounges, bars and nightclubs to close at 1AM.

You may have heard of the Nightlife License last year, reported by many local new sources. Thanks to
nightlife activists, this license has been put on hold for this past year. However with Mike Bloomberg’s reelection campaign promising to increase the crackdown on 'quality of life' issues, such as sound and crowds, the chances that the Nightlife License will return is very high. The smoking ban already happened, and the Nightlife License is likely to happen as well."

For more information, check stories on the Nightlife License in New York Metro and the NY Times.

Having lived through Giuliani, cabaret laws, and the smoking ban, this doesn't seem so unrealistic. What do you think?

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