Minneapolis metallic hardcore band Blue Ox have been around since 2005 and undergone a few lineup changes throughout their career (they currently include former members of Dead To Fall, Devilinside, Ambassador Gun, Coma Eternal, and more), and they're now set to release their third album -- and first in ten years -- Holy Vore, on April 2 (pre-order). They recently put out two songs from the seven-song LP, and we're now premiering a third, "Nostrum Bomb." All three are killer doses of raw, teeth-grinding metallic hardcore, and here's what vocalist Dennis Hanson tells us about the new song:

Definitive answers for small questions are elusive and mercurial. Even more so without the presence of a higher power and promises that water will eventually find its level at the end of the road. The human condition is subjective and finite but a worthwhile pursuit and albeit wavering compass that shifts in polarity between blindly warm and silhouetting without substance. No one is watching. Nothing is counting. Sometimes wreckage worship is the is the only recourse.

Listen to all three singles below. The band will also do a livestreamed performance on release day (4/2) from Signaturetone Recording in Minneapolis (where the album was recorded). Link and time TBA.

Blue Ox

1. It Doesn’t Work
2. Imploding Lazarus
3. Fly By Blight
4. Left To The Drift
5. Lesser Gods And The Science Of Superstition
6. Terrestrial Anxiety
7. Nostrum Bomb


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