by Andrew Sacher


Brooklyn duo BLUFFING (who are four-piece live with two members of The Gradients) are set to release their debut, Sugar Coated Pills of Wisdom, on March 25 via PaperCup Music. It was recorded at Silent Barn’s studio and engineered by Scott Andrews, who has worked with other likeminded local bands Sweet Bulbs and their offshoots, Butter the Children, and Heaven’s Gate. The record’s full of the sort of guitar-oriented lo-fi pop that dominated much of indie rock’s early days, as you can hear for yourself on the new single, “Mind/Mood.” The track makes its premiere in this post and you can stream it below.

BLUFFING play locally a good deal and they have a few more upcoming local shows scheduled, including Cake Shop on February 9 with Big Neck Police Greece’s Acrid Fluff, Rabbit Rabbit and Adventures of the Silver Spaceman; and The Living Gallery on February 20.

Song stream below…

Bluffing – “Mind/Mood”