by Bill Pearis


After a string of quarterly EPs (and accompanying conporate-speak press releases), Minneapolis' BNLX finally got around to releasing a proper album which, in their minimalist Repo Man style, is titled LP. Ed Ackerson, a Twin Cities indie rock veteran who fronted 27 Various and Polara, and his wife Ashley take various post-punk styles (situationist shout-a-longs, Husker Du-style roar, Bunnymen/Smiths grandeur) and meld them into a cohesive, loud, catchy-as-hell sound. Ed is an in-demand recording engineer and has made a terrific sounding record too, crafting big sonics without sounding slick. And with a secure day job, BNLX seems to be a "this is fun" project and and that joy comes across as well.

My favorite songs are the ones where Ed seems to be channelling Morrissey, like on album standout "Everything Must Go," but it's solid start-to-finish. You can stream the whole thing below and order your own copy (CD/vinyl/digital) via their website.

BNLX have come through town a few times in the past. While they have no upcoming dates, hopefully that will change. If you're heading to Austin for SXSW 2013, look for them there.

Album stream is below.


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