While Bob Dylan hasn't begun asking fans to lock their phones in Yondr pouches at his shows like Misfits, Jack White, and other camera-averse artists, his shows have been strictly photo-free for quite some time. At his Tuesday (4/16) show in Vienna, Austria, audience members were ignoring that rule, to Dylan's clear annoyance, causing him to make a rare spoken statement onstage. As Rolling Stone reports, and you can see in the video below, Dylan stopped partway through "Blowin' in the Wind," approaching the mic and holding out his arms. He said something hard to make out, that seemed to include the word "photograph," then backed up, stumbling over a monitor in the process. He then returned to the mic, and said, "take pictures or don’t take pictures. We can either play or we can pose. Okay?"

After a pause, Dylan and his band proceeded to play "It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry," after which Dylan left the stage. His band concluded the show with an instrumental take on "Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues," like they have throughout the tour.

Earlier this month, Dylan announced that he'd be opening a whiskey distillery and music venue in Nashville, TN, in honor of the 50th anniversary of Nashville Skyline.