Bob Mould @ ATP NY in September (more by Ryan Muir)
Bob Mould

Just Out: Being a gay artist living in DC, one of your continuing legacy, would seem that to put you under a political umbrella with so many civil rights and marriage equality issues being introduced into Congress right now. Do you actively participate in politics, or do you tend to stay away?

Bob Mould: Well, when I first moved to DC I did some stuff with HRC, and that went okay. I did some stuff with Servicemember's Legal Defense Network, which I think that's a real important cause. Through Blowoff, we've done a couple things with raising money for them., We've done local stuff with Brother, Help Thyself, and I did do a lot of stuff in '04 with Freedom to Marry out of New York, with some of the Wed Rock benefits, and I hosted one of those in DC, and performed at one in New York. I've done select causes, and tried to help out when it seems to make sense. Privately, I do what I can on my own dime. But I try; I'm sure I should probably do more, but it's a big community. I think for every two people that thinks we should have gay marriage, there's at least one that's not so sure. That's the beauty of the community is that we can have different views. So yeah, if the cause is right and it makes sense, I don't mind helping out when I can.

JO: Do you try to keep your music and your politics as separate entities?

BM: Yeah. Being an old punk rock kid and watching how hardcore degenerated into a lot of rural-oriented politics that I didn't agree's tough. I'm just not sure that being a good songwriter makes me a good spokesperson for political causes.

Bob Mould will be playing two nights at NYC's City Winery on January 22nd and 23rd. Tickets for night one and night two are on sale now.

His last NYC gig was an October 8th show at Irving Plaza with Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson opening. Mould's set at the show spanned his entire catalog, from early Husker song "In A Free Land" to his latest Life and Times. Videos and the set list from that show are posted below.

Robinson has a pair of NYC shows with These United States coming up on on Thursday, Nov. 19th at the Bell House (tix) and Friday, Nov. 20th at Mercury Lounge (tix). All upcoming tour dates (including Mould's next NYC Blowoff on November 20th) are below...

Bob Mould setlist, October 10th 2009 at Irving Plaza (via)
Bob Mould

Bob Mould - Wishing Well (live)

Bob Mould - I Apologize (live)

Bob Mould Celebrated Summer & In a Free Land (live)

Bob Mould - 2009/10 Tour Dates
Dec 06 ATP: Nightmare Before Xmas (Sold Out) Minehead, Southwest
Dec 07 Bloomsbury Ballroom London, London and South East
Dec 09 Concorde 2 Brighton, London and South East
Dec 11 Bronson Ravenna, Ravenna
Dec 12 Interzona Verona, Verona
Dec 14 Musicdrome Milan, Milano
Dec 15 INIT Rome, Roma
Jan 22 City Winery New York, New York
Jan 23 City Winery New York, New York

Blowoff - 2009 Schedule
November 20 Canal Room 285 West Broadway NYC
November 21 9:30 Club 815 V ST NW Washington DC
November 28 Slim's, 333 11th St San Francisco, CA

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson - 2009 Tour Dates
Nov 16 The Cafe Detroit, Michigan
Nov 17 The Drake Toronto, Ontario #
Nov 18 Il Motore Montreal, Quebec #
Nov 19 The Bell House Brooklyn, New York #
Nov 20 Mercury Lounge New York, New York #
# w/ These United States