F is for Fendi

NY Fashion Week is drawing to a close. Maybe you saw more models than usual around the city; you probably didn't get in to see Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich DJ a Rag & Bones party. Another musically interesting party was the F is For Fendi launch on Friday (2/10), in association with Boiler Room, which promised live-streamed sets by Metro Boomin, 21 Savage, Migos, Lil Uzi Vert, Jamie Jones, ABRA, Peggy Got, Howie, Bohan Pheonix, Meuko! Meuko and Abir and probably more in a secret location.

The secret location was in South Street Seaport, where reports are that the scene was chaotic inside and out. (The Seaport was crazy, but not Drake crazy.) Clearly it was too small a venue for the likes of Migos (and surprise guests like A$AP Rocky and Tyler the Creator), guest-list only or not. According to Fashionista, there was a crowd at the door trying to shove their way in, and once inside things got rowdy:

"Grown men were crowd surfing, [spilling] drinks and my friend got kicked in the face," one partygoer told Fashionista via email. "We thought her nose broke — it was gushing blood." By the time Migos took the stage after midnight, the guest claimed "full-on fist fights were breaking out by the DJ booth... it was insane and terrifying."

Multiple tweets from the event, including Cory Kennedy's, claim even crazier things:

Page Six was told by a rep that “no stabbing took place at the event.”

Video of the livestream is up on Youtube, and if you skip ahead to around 2 hours and 25 minutes, things start getting pretty nuts. The music cuts out and it goes something like this...

Everybody get the fuck off the stage or this show is not continuing... Everybody get the fuck off the stage or nobody's performing... If you don't know Metro or Southside get the fuck off the stage... I don't give a fuck if you got a camera in your hand, get the fuck off the stage... Why you wanna be somewhere you not accepted? Get off the stage... I was trying to be nice, now I gotta get crazy with it.

It's unclear from the video what the provocation was. Watch below:

UPDATE: video of the full event was removed, but you can watch some of Migos' set, including "Bad and Boujee," as well as ABRA's set, below:

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