A time capsule buried by famed/infamous '70s/'80s niteclub Danceteria was unearthed by a construction crew on Wednesday and mistaken for a bomb. Mind you, it was bomb-shaped, looking like an old WWII missile. The confusion and concern was enough for Authorities to shut down a stretch of West 21st St. on Wednesday afternoon. From The NY Post:

“It looked like an old World War II shell, maybe about five feet long,” a police source said. “They thought it was a real bomb and it sent everyone into a panic.”

John Argento, who used to own the famous nightclub, said he had to convince the Bomb Squad’s commander it wasn’t an actual explosive.

“I said, ‘Do I need a lawyer?’ and he said, ‘I don’t think so,’” he explained.

“I was trying to convince him it wasn’t a bomb. It’s just a dummy we bought at the Army-Navy store at the west end of Canal.”

Former Danceteria owner John Argento told the Post the time capsule was buried in 1984 in an alley near the club's second, most famous, location on W. 21st St. (Madonna was a regular and club scenes from Desperately Seeking Susan were filmed there.) "We made an announcement that we’d be doing a time capsule for the people of the future so people would know what was happening at Danceteria,” he said. "People would throw in objects — Rubiks Cubes, stuff from the 80s. We did one party and left it out a week or two. People would fill out a card and put it in the bomb." Once authorities make sure there's no danger to its contents, they'll give the capsule back to Argento.

That's the invitation to the Danceteria time capsule party, below. What do you think's in there?

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