Bon Iver's Justin Vernon has been vocal about his support for Bernie Sanders as democratic presidential candidate, performing at his Iowa rally earlier this year, and on Friday night (4/3) Justin appeared on a livestreamed Bernie event discussing the coronavirus pandemic. Before performing "Towers" and "Blood Bank," he introduced himself, saying:

I'm here rallying, a one man rally for Bernie Sanders. There's so much going on, and there's so much fear, and there's so much pain, and there's a lot of sickness, and there's a lot of stillness and fear right now, and it's about all I can figure out what to do right now, it goes without saying that my support is with him for the nomination of President of the United States, Bernie Sanders is one of the only people on the Senate floor saying the things that I want to hear about healing our world. So, I'm doing what I can do. I appreciate y'all tuning in and, stay safe, stay inside, stay home.

He then debuted a new song, "Things Behind Things Behind Things," and covered Bob Dylan's "With God On Our Side." About that one, he said:

I'd like to do a Bob Dylan song, an old one. Some crazy theories, maybe some of these early Dylan tunes were actually taken from notebooks of Mr. Woody Guthrie when a young Bob Dylan went out to the mental hospital in Jersey to talk to Woody Guthrie at the end of his life. Even if it ain't true it's a great old cowboy story that I think would be a conspiracy welcome. Anyway, the point being that I think that there's a lot in these songs, these early songs that I think still are very valid. I think that they say a lot still.

You can watch the whole event below; Justin's segment begins at 1:02:06, and Soccer Mommy performs on it too. Watch her play "Circle the Drain" from her new album color theory at 16:17.

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