UPDATE: You can now hear the album.


Yesterday, Bon Iver posted an Instagram that suggested something would be happening in Justin Vernon's hometown of Eau Claire, WI at 6:30 PM, and then more events would follow today (9/29) in select cities around the world. At the Eau Claire one, newspapers hit the racks with artwork related to Bon Iver's new album 22, A Million, which comes out this Friday (9/30). The album was also playing on cassette in a boombox.

Today, these "gatherings" happen in Melbourne, Berlin, Copenhagen, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Brooklyn, Minneapolis, Mexico City, and LA. The Brooklyn one is at the corner of Franklin & Meserole at 6:30 PM.

UPDATE: The Brooklyn one was moved to Guernsey St and Nassau Ave:

Bon Iver gives some instructions:

Bon Iver also played a secret show in Berlin last night (he plays the city this weekend too):

UPDATE 2: The rest of the "gatherings" happened, including the Brooklyn one: