Bon Iver @ Pianos, NYC (BV CMJ) - Oct 17, 2007 (CRED)
Bon Iver @ Pianos

Bon Iver played two shows during CMJ - the first was at Bowery Ballroom on October 16th (the BV official showcase)...

...the first set we saw at CMJ '07 will probably be one of the very best: We learned Bon Iver is simply astounding. (We also learned it's pronounced "bone ee-vare.") [Stereogum]

... and the second was the BV day party on October 17th. He was the only artist who played two BrooklynVegan parties, and it was because when I first booked him I didn't want him to make the trip all the way to NYC just to play one show, especially if he was going to be the opener on a 7-band bill. If you came to see him/them at Pianos and were confused about when and where he was going on....

The members — three of them in this incarnation — were scheduled to play a free show at 5:30, upstairs at Piano’s. But if you had left someplace early (a meeting at the Midtown headquarters of a newspaper, for example) to rush downtown, you would have found you had plenty of time to spare. Thanks to the usual complexities of club scheduling (one passerby mentioned a particularly thorough Meat Puppets set), the show was moved to the main stage, and it didn’t start until sometime after 7. [NY Times] was because we made a last minute decision to move him to the main stage after Celebration. We did that because there seemed to be time to do it (oops), and because the upstairs room didn't really have all the equipment Bon Iver needed. Luckily...

The show was worth the wait. (Not to mention the price.) [NY Times]

Thanks to everyone who waited around to see him. Coincedentally, he started at the same exact time as the night before - except the delay at that show was due to one of the bands not showing up.

Both shows were great, but the Bowery one was my favorite one - it was first, and the acoustics/sound/whatever was amazing (Justin even said so himself during the performance). Luckily then, (no offense to Pianos who have been amazing), Bowery is where Bon Iver is playing again next - he's opening for Elvis Perkins on December 7th. That show will be solo though (just Justin) - we'll see how that goes - I'm sure fine (though I liked that band!) Tickets are on sale. More tour dates and pictures below....

Bon Iver @ Pianos, NYC (BV CMJ) - Oct 17, 2007 (CRED - JEFFERSON)
Bon Iver @ Pianos

Bon Iver - 2007 Tour Dates
Oct 24 - NUCLEUS - DeYarmond Edison reunion - Night 1 Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Oct 25 - NUCLEUS - DeYarmond Edison reunion - Night 2 Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Oct 26 - UPTOWN BAR - w/Digitata & Megafaun Minneapolis
Nov 10 - MADISON POP FESTIVAL - Great Hall Madison, Wisconsin
Nov 29 - CABARET MUSIC HALL (solo) w/Elvis Perkins Montreal, Quebec
Nov 30 - HIGHER GROUND (solo) w/Elvis Perkins Burlington, Vermont
Dec 2 - PARADISE (solo) w/Elvis Perkins Boston, Massachusetts
Dec 3 - IRON HORSE (solo) w/Elvis Perkins Northampton, Massachusetts
Dec 4 - JAMMIN’ JAVA (solo) w/Elvis Perkins Vienna, Virginia
Dec 6 - JOHNNY BRENDA’S (solo) w/Elvis Perkins Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Dec 7 - BOWERY BALLROOM (solo) w/Elvis Perkins New York, New York

The album is still streaming, and there are a ton more pics up at thismeik's Flickr.

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