Next week (6/3) Brainfog Records is releasing the collaborative compilation album Refugee, which includes music from cult-folk singers Linda Thompson, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Alasdair Roberts, cult indie pop band BMX Bandits, and more. The project was spearheaded by Robin Adams, and here's more details:

‘Refugee’ is a highly significant collaborative recording project which reflects, through song, the issue of the refugee crisis in its many forms, from Syria and beyond.

The concept came about from singer-songwriter Robin Adams who took on the challenging role of curator for this beautiful collection of music. Featuring the likes of folk familiars Linda Thompson, Bonnie Prince Billy, Rachel Sermanni, BMX Bandits, Richard Dawson and many more, each song stands with individual character, yet the delicate ties of each subject make this a well-formed and consistent body of work. As Adams says about the collection – “What amazes me is that every song works. Every song seems to fit the sentiment of the record effortlessly even though the songs vary largely in subject and spirit.”

A poignant and moving assembly of songs, the album contains perspectives from different visions in the crisis. Focusing in on the issues addressed, the subject matter leans toward one particular area of the refugee’s journey – the daring move to cross the oceans. From the warm home recording of ‘Scarce of Fishing’ by Alasdair Roberts, to Richard Dawson’s chanting ‘To The Sea’, and to Adam’s own beautiful contribution ‘The Devil’s War and God’s Blue Sea’ (the single which spawned the initial concept), the topic keeps surfacing as a reminder of the overall cause – to raise money for MOAS, whose rescue missions operate in the Aegean, Andaman and Mediterranean Sea.

We're premiering Alasdair Roberts' contribution "Scarce Of Fishing." Listen to that, with Bonnie 'Prince' Billy's "Most People" and the tracklist, below.

This is yet another project for the very busy Bonnie 'Prince' Billy this year.


Duglas Stewart BMX Bandits – ‘How Not To Care’
Mike and Solveig – ‘Ravioli’
Alasdair Roberts – ‘Scarce of Fishing’
Robin Adams – ‘The Devil’s War and God’s Blue Sea’
Piers Faccini – ‘This Morning the Birds’
Jenny Lysander – ‘The Horn Stills Blows’
Ricky Ross – ‘Baby what’s To Know’
Linda Thompson – ‘Witchseason’
Bonnie Prince Billy – ‘Most People’
Rick Redbeard – ‘Postcards’
Rachel Sermanni – ‘Innocent Journey’
Kathryn Joseph – ‘The Lines’
Roddy Hart – ‘West’
Dana Falconberry – ‘The Dusk’
Richard Dawson – ‘To the Sea’