Bonnie 'Prince' Billy and Bitchin Bajas teamed up for the collaborative album, Epic Jammers And Fortunate Little Ditties, which came out last week on Drag City and was one of the Most Notable Releases of the week. As you may know, Drag City albums don't stream online anywhere, but if you still haven't picked this thing up you can now listen to another track, "Despair Is Criminal." It comes with a trippy visualizer that suits the song's spacey vibes perfectly. Last week I said:

Will Oldham's yrics often have little more than the song title repeated, and some of the songs actually have nothing more than the title repeated, yet a number of these reach the eight or nine minute mark without ever feeling too repetitive. His lyrical approach works the same way Bitchin Bajas’ drone does, looping endlessly until you’re unconsciously sucked in.

This is one of the more lyrical songs, and it's a gorgeous, psychedelic trip. Check out that visualizer below…