Detroit's Bonny Doon have members who have played in a handful of Detroit punk bands (Tyvek, Growing Pains, Fake Surfers, PRC), but Bonny Doon's own sound is something different. They eschew raw power and instead make clean, jangly, slacker-ish indie rock. There are some hints of early Real Estate, and at least a little Stephen Malkmus influence on the vocals. All of this can be heard on their Fred Thomas-produced self-titled debut album, which came out this year on Salinas Records.

They've since made a video for "Relieved" off the album, which premieres in this post. Co-songwriter Bobby Colombo says, "I document a lot with my camcorder, though a lot of that it is just compulsively filming lakes or the moon or things like that. We have ended up using my home videos for a couple of our videos now. I think it just feels more appropriate than anything we could fabricate. This video is all from spring and summer of 2016." Watch the video below.

Bonny Doon are also touring, including a Brooklyn show on April 14 at Union Pool with B-Boys, UV-TV and Bodega. Tickets for that show are available. All dates are listed below.

Bonny Doon -- 2017 Tour Dates
April 5, Detroit, MI at the Trumbullplex with The Vitas, The Drinkard Sisters
April 6, Chicago, IL at The Burlington
April 7, Madison, WI at Mickey's Tavern with Proud Parents, Dusk, ts foss
April 9, Bloomington, IN at The Blockhouse
April 10, Nashville, TN at The East Room with Study Hall, Mom and Dad, Twen
April 11, Cincinnati, OH at the Northside Yacht Club with Thelma, Brianna Kelly, Cross Country
April 13, Philadelphia, PA, House Show with Radiator Hospital, Marge, Aster More
April 14, Brooklyn, NY at Union Pool with B Boys, UV-TV, Bodega
April 15, Baltimore, MD at EMP Collective with Outer Spaces, Other Colors