Booka ShadeHope you got your fill of the French on Wednesday and Thursday. This weekend brings dance music from loads of different places (but is way less French intensive).

Friday night (August 1st) one of the bigger dance events happening is Booka Shade at the Fillmore at Irving Plaza. Walter and Arno have been working on their own music together since the 90's as well as producing for a number of artists on Berlin-based, underground dance label (which they co-founded with M.A.N.D.Y. and DJ T), Get Physical. I have not seen them before, but have often heard their live performances compared to Soulwax's (who are here next Wednesday! Get tickets!) which I always consider to be a good thing. If it's an accurate comparison you should be in for a night of absolutely losing it on the dancefloor.

$20 advanced tickets available here or at the box office (no service charge).

Booka Shade

If you don't have the energy for all the mayhem live electro can be, Dominque Keegan will be deejaying at Ruff Club at the Annex. Half of electro-rock band the Glass, and Owner of Plant Music, Dominique knows his shit. His sets are extremely varied, covering electro, classics, rock, and pretty much anything you can think of. If you haven't already, check out an excellent example, Dominique's "Jusque le bout pour voir comme ca sent 1 mix" from last week which features a great Chemical Brothers remix of 'Falling Down' by Oasis, a Black Ghosts remix by Jack Beats which has been flying under the radar for far too long, as well as tracks from Young MC and Yuksek among others.


Another couple of my favorite NY-based deejays, AC Slater (check out the brand new remix of Buzzin by Shwayze in his player) and Kap10Kurt will be at the Blog Party celebrating Purple Crush's record release of the same name:


Or, if you're into jungle, drum and bass, or dub step Studio B has a monster of a night for you - Escape from New York:

dub step

Doors are at 10 pm. $10 at door before midnight/ $15 after midnight. $10 advanced tickets available here. Ages 21+.

Friday night there are also some dance-related happenings that probably won't actually involve all that much dancing, but are worth checking out nonetheless:


Daft Punk's Electroma is being shown at Monkeytown. While Guy Manuel and Thomas were super involved in the making of this film, this is not the electronic, glowing pyramid, dance freakout you've come to expect from the French duo. It's all about robot vs. human but in a very artistic, creative, cinematic way. After getting over the initial shock of what this film was and wasn't I was able to appreciate it and was glad I went to see it. If you go with someone who is very into film, they will surely be bugging out, drawing all sorts of comparisons, and analyzing the hell out of it, so be prepared for that.

Admission: $5, $10 minimum (DVD $15 w/ paid admission)
Showtimes: 8pm, 10:30pm, and 12:30pm
reservations are recommended.

Beautiful Burnout, 2008, handmade silkscreen on rag paper, 37 x 29 inches, limited edition of 100

Another dance-related event opening Friday and running through August 15th: Beautiful Burnout Artjam - the Art of Underworld at the Jacobson Howard Gallery. Underworld played an amazing role in the earlier days of electronic music. Nearly 30 years later the group is still relevant and continues to make beautiful, innovative dance music. In addition to music the members of Underworld express themselves through many other creative outlets. The Artjam will be a stunning example of these pursuits:

The New York Art Jam will produce an intoxicating confluence of graceful macro-photography, compelling videos and film, lush and mesmerizing sound, layered collages of street snapshots and a poetic diary of painting, images and text...Underworld and Tomato, the visual art collaborative, is a UK-born genre- defying force consisting of, among others, Karl Hyde, Rick Smith, Simon Taylor (tomato) and John Warwicker (tomato). Their Oblivion Ball ArtJam in Tokyo last November (the all night, multi-band jam that, with the help of 20 assistants and in the spirit of "happening" godfather Allan Kaprow, saw the design and painting of a 42.5 meter long and 7 meter high wall in just sixteen hours). The exhibition at Jacobson Howard will be the same ongoing process in multi-media form.

Gallery hours: 10-6, closed Sunday.

That is it for Friday. An equally diverse group of events are ahead for Saturday and Sunday. More on them soon...

Underworld - Crocodile