If you watched last week's episode of Atlanta --the one FX aired uninterrupted about Lakeith Stanfield's character, Darius, going to pick up a piano from an eccentric recluse millionaire -- you may have seen the trailer for Lakeith's new movie, Sorry to Bother You, which they showed right before the episode. The film is set in an alternate present-day version of Oakland, and Stanfield plays a telemarketer who discovers a key to success -- talking like a white person -- which "propels him into a macabre universe." It's been compared to everything from Putney Swope to Office Space to Repo Man, and the dystopian satire's impressive cast also features Tessa Thompson (Westworld, Thor Ragnarock), Danny Glover, Armie Hammer (Call Me by Your Name), Jermaine Fowler (Superior Donuts), and Terry Crews, plus help from comedians Patton Oswalt, David Cross and Kate Berlant.

Sorry to Bother You is the feature directorial debut of Boots Riley who you may know as a member of highly political hip hop group The Coup, who may be (infamously) best known for their 2001 album Party Music which originally had artwork of the band blowing up the World Trade Center (this was pre-9/11 and it was never used). The Coup's most recent album, from 2012, was also called Sorry to Bother You, which was written at the time as the soundtrack to a film Riley planned to write, direct and star in. Two out of three ain't bad. The Coup are, no surprise, on the soundtrack but the score is by Merrill Garbus of Tune-Yards.

A hit at Sundance 2018, Sorry to Bother you is out July 6 nationwide. Watch the trailer, and a Sundance interview with Riley and some of the cast, below.

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