First came 7/7/7, then 8/8/8, and in 2009 the Boredoms will bring their Boadrum 9 drumming show to NYC's Terminal 5 on Wednesday, September 9th, 2009. Unlike past "Boadrum" events though, this one is not free. In fact, Tickets go on presale Wednesday, June 17th at 11am. General sale starts Friday, June 19th at noon.

Also unlike last year's NYC Boadrum show, the actual Boredoms will be there, BUT it's questionable whether there will be 99 drummers along with them (and not just because it seems impossible given the venue they've chosen)...

Last year there were two simultaneous Boadrum events - the real Boredoms were at the one in LA while 88 other drummers led by Gang Gang Dance performed on the Williamsburg Waterfront in Brooklyn (home of this year's Pool Parties). The year before that there were 77 drummers in Dumbo.

This year's show (9/9/9) is four days before the band plays the ATP NY Fest, and though details are limited for the NYC show at this second, the ATP show (taking place on 9/13/9) is advertising that "the Boredoms will continue their BOADRUM series, performing with 9 drummers on stage." Probably just 9 at Terminal 5 too? UPDATE: yes, 9 drummers. confirmed.

Boredoms did play NYC in 2008 also, but it was a non-Boadrum show at Terminal 5 (they must have liked it there).

Besides those gigs, the band is also scheduled to play a Pacific Ocean cruise on July 22nd, during the next solar eclipse. Joining them will be Gang Gang Dance and Japanese band Goma. More info on that show, with a poster, below...


Avant-garde Japanese band Boredoms is taking its electronically enhanced drum circle shtick to the middle of the ocean, where it will provide a live soundtrack to a total solar eclipse.

Organizers of Tokara The Sun & Moon Festival have booked a Russian ferry and hired the Boredoms, along with New York's Gang Gang Dance and Japan's Goma, to play a show during the next Saros 136 eclipse, which will take place July 22. The spectacle is subtitled, "The Lucy in the Sky With Diamond Ring Tour."

July's eclipse will be extraordinarily long -- the totality of the eclipse, the point at which the moon is fully obscuring the sun, will reach 6 minutes, 39 seconds. According to NASA, the umbra of the eclipse will cut a path straight across China and the South Pacific, with the best viewpoint off the southern coast of Japan, at 24.2 degrees N, 144.1 degrees E, when the sun is 86 degrees overhead.

Several tour groups are organizing eclipse-viewing cruises through the South Pacific for July's event, but the Boredoms-led excursion will likely be the most, er, cosmic. Having seen the band perform several times, we can only imagine how such an otherworldly setting would enhance the experience.

Tickets cost a whopping 168,000 yen (about $1,700). But for that money, you get a concert, three DJ sets, organic food, a bed to sleep in and an area for your kids to keep themselves entertained. Oh yeah, and a three-day party on a boat during a total solar eclipse! [Wired News]