Pre-order our limited edition "sea blue with black blob" vinyl variant of Boris' new album.

Last year, Boris self-released their excellent new album NO -- their fastest, most direct album in years -- and if you were wondering why it ended with a song called "Interlude," that's because Boris had planned that track to lead directly into their next album. The album is called W (which, combined with the previous album, spells "NOW"), and it opens with the same melody as "Interlude." It comes out January 21 via Sacred Bones, marking Boris' first release for the label.

On this album, Wata handles all lead vocals, and compared to the thrashy NO, this one is said to "range from noise to new age." You can get your first taste from lead single "Drowning by Numbers," which is much more eerie and atmospheric than NO, but which is still unmistakably the work of the ever-evolving Boris. Listen and watch the YUTARO-directed video below.

We've teamed up with Boris on a limited edition "sea blue with black blob" vinyl variant, which is available exclusively in our stores. Only 300 copies exist, so pre-order yours now while they last. They look like this:


Boris will also play Psycho Las Vegas 2022.

1. I Want to Go to the Side Where You Can Touch…
2. Icelina
3. Drowning by Numbers
4. Invitation
5. The Fallen
6. Beyond Good and Evil
7. Old Projector
8. You Will Know (Ohayo Version)
9. Jozan


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