There are probably enough covers of Wham!'s "Last Christmas" in the world, but we'll take one more if it's from Boris. “This is a Christmas present for everyone who lives with the various restrictions stemming from COVID-19," say Boris. "Here in Japan, it is customary to give gifts at Christmas. We hope this Christmas will be the ‘Last Christmas’ of COVID-19.” Their take on the song roars with melancholy, with a haunting beauty under all that guitar noise. It's pretty great and you can listen to it below.

"Last Christmas" is on a digital holiday single, Noël, that also includes a dreamy rework of "Pardon?" -- originally on 2011's New Album -- by UK singer-songwriter Lauren Auder and French producer Dviance. Say Boris: "When Lauren Auder replied to our post and told us ‘I love this album very much,’ we were very excited. We really like Lauren's voice, atmosphere, music and video work. We replied back that we would like to work together someday soon. ‘New Album’ is an album that has received various criticisms before, however, like Lauren, we also happen to love this album very much. Now, ten years later, we have asked Lauren to sing a new interpretation from it.” Check that out below as well.

Boris will release a new album, W, on January 21 via Sacred Bones, and you can preorder the limited-to-300 "sea blue with black blob" vinyl variant in the BV shop; it's exclusive to our stores.


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