The weird and wonderful Borts Minorts (Christopher Carlone) and Hug Victim (aka Timo Ellis) have teamed up for new album Brut!, which is named after the after-shave lotion, and whose eight tracks clock in 12 minutes total. They pack a lot in, though, in that short amount of time.

We've got the premiere of "Horned God (Give Me The Strength)," which Carlone says "was partially inspired by my mother who when frustrated would say, ‘dear god give me the strength.’ I decided to change it to ‘Horned god give me the strength,’ summoning the power of the ancient Celtic god Cernunnos who was the lord of all things wild, the lord of poetry and dance of all creatures of the Forest. The verses of this song are actually sung in Elvish.”

Ellis adds, “For me, the song evokes an epic sea journey; Vikings sailing out of Valhalla, suddenly mutating into Christopher Cross on his (famed) sailboat, then eventually running aground…in the outdoor bar of a low budget beach Holiday Inn. In other words, this song has something for everyone.”

You can watch the video for "Horned God (Give Me The Strength)," along with the video for "Fuckball Johnson," below.

Brut! will be out February 25 via Nefarious Industries.


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