by Bill Pearis

Borts Minorts

San Francisco's musical performance art oddball Borts Minorts has apparently been living in NYC for a while now, having formed a new sonic venture, Enjoyment. (Who knew? Not me.) Alas, it was not to last and Borts is leaving the Big Apple but not before one last body-suited blowout at goodbye party of epic proportions happening on the main floor at The Delancey on Monday, August 27.

Many are probably unfamiliar with what Borts does. Many who have seen him do not know what to say... even though you will never forget it. But it involves unitards, a stringed instrument made out of a ski, effected vocals, choreography, and general weirdness. The Residents as aerobics instructors? Maybe. There is video at the bottom of this post but the best way to experience Borts Minorts is to go in not knowing a thing.

In addition to Borts, there is a big line-up of performers for this fare-thee-well party, including Yva Las Vegass, Cellular Chaos, Cary Burtt, Rachel Mason, The Panoply Performance Laboratory, Matthew Silver, Valerie Kuehne, Paul Pinto, and Anya Liftig. Do stop by and say goodbye, even if you never said hello.


Borts Minorts at The Bottom of the Hill, 2008