Boston band Vitamin were formed in 1979 by teenagers Jason Shapiro and Mike McGlinchey, influenced by the world of punk, post-punk and no wave that was exploding around them, especially by Pere Ubu and local band The Girls. They talked The Girls violinist Margie Politzer, to join the band and with drummer Chris Gill the band's lineup solidified.

Vitamin were very much in the Pere Ubu and no wave style, razor sharp and skronky, all angles and shouty with the four members' instruments and voices bouncing off each other with force. The band existed for just a few years; Margie left in 1981 and the band would officially call it quits in 1983. (Jason would go on to join glammy band Celebrity Skin and play in Redd Kross.) During their brief time together, Vitamin only officially released one song on a scene compilation, A Wicked Good Time, Volume Two. That song, "Black Sheep," was done in a session with Mission of Burma's Roger Miller, who says of the band now, "Vitamin was imbued with the type of self-belief that allows one to ignore all walls. I was a total fan the first time I saw them."

"Black Sheep," along with a few other studio tracks and live recordings from the era make up Vitamin's first official compilation, Recordings 1981, which will be out April 16 via Don Giovanni. The 13-track compilation comes with extensive liner notes by Pitchfork's Jenn Pelly, rare archive photos and more. You can listen to "Black Sheep," and check out the full tracklist, below.

Photo: Vytejckova Gabriela

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