Boston post-rockers Pray For Sound have been around for most of the current decade, and they've already been pretty prolific. Just over a year after last year's Waiting Room, they're set to return with their fifth album, Waves, on November 8 via A Thousand Arms (pre-order). For this album, founding member Bruce Malley says, "We want people to take away hope and happiness from this record. We don’t want them to feel sadness and despair as is customary with much post-rock or instrumental music. We try to convey something positive." They also brought in more synths than ever before, citing pop bands like The 1975 and Vacationer as influences. "We all love good catchy melodies," adds guitarist Nick Stewart. "You should be able to hum these later after you hear them."

All of that comes across on the bright, uplifting new single "Spiral," which you'll definitely be humming after you hear it. Like most good post-rock bands, Pray For Sound know how to keep you engaged with the ebb and flow of their instrumentals alone, and they work some really catchy stuff into "Spiral." And to echo what Bruce said, post-rock is often a melancholic genre, but "Spiral" very much sounds like happy music, and it does a fine job of conveying positive emotions without any words. The song premieres in this post -- listen below.

Pray For Sound have just two upcoming shows scheduled at the moment, one in Salem, MA on 11/1 and one in New Haven, CT on 11/15 (the latter is with Wess Meets West, who also play Brooklyn two days later).

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