After breaking up in 2002, hugely influential metalcore/mathcore band Botch signed to Sargent House last year, finally bringing their catalog to streaming services and announcing that vinyl reissues of their discography were on the way. Bassist Brian Cook shot down people's hopes of a reunion at the time, saying that the band were "very stoked" to be bringing the catalog back, "but to dispel any confusion, we are not reuniting." Yesterday (7/31), however, he posted a picture from a practice space on Instagram, with the caption "Hung out with some friends from high school today." Today, Sargent House tweeted this:

What does it mean? We'll keep you posted as soon as we hear more!

While you await the new reissues, you can pick up the original Hydra Head release of Botch's live album 061502 in our store.

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