Like all bands, The Bouncing Souls' touring plans are on hold, but they did just release a new song. It's called "World on Fire" (something's in the air), and it's a mid-tempo jangly punk song that finds the Souls in fine form. It's also their first single for Pure Noise Records, who also just put out the first Strike Anywhere songs in 10+ years. Listen and read the lyrics below.

Guitarist Pete Steinkopf says:

We were in the studio when the pandemic was just beginning to get a head of steam. There were so many question marks and no one really knew what was going on, this song came out of that moment. It came out of the question marks and the not knowing. This is a song to acknowledge how upside down the world seems to be in these times, and it’s a song about keeping the light in sight.

In other news, The Bouncing Souls and Hot Water Music (who share a road crew and a drummer) are doing a raffle to help raise money for their crew. Here are the details:

The Bouncing Souls and Hot Water Music rely on some amazing people to make sure we're on time, on stage and sounding good when we go on tour. The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the touring community so we are looking to give back to our road crew, several of whom work for both bands.

This raffle includes rare, limited edition and unique items from both bands that you won't be able to find anywhere else. Tickets are $1 each with some price breaks if you purchase a larger amount. If you're not interested in the raffle or want to help out in a different way, we are also offering a Souls x Hots "Road Crew" shirt at Each purchase of that shirt includes 5 raffle tickets.

We are offering a General Prize that includes custom artwork and other collectibles, a vinyl package that includes rare out of print records as well as test presses and a gear prize that include a guitar and bass amongst other accessories.

Thanks for your support and good luck!

Souls x Hots!

Enter the raffle and check out all the available prizes HERE and also see a poster with more info below. Hot Water Music and The Bouncing Souls are also helping to promote Save Our Stages, "a group of over 1,300 independent venues in 50 states that are banding together to ask Washington for targeted legislation to help us survive."

In more related news, someone recently uploaded a full-set video of The Bouncing Souls at CBGB's in 2005, and you can watch that below.

Last but definitely not least, Hot Water Music will be on The Fest's livestream tonight (5/21). There will be performances by Chuck Ragan and current guitarist/co-vocalist Chris Cresswell (also of The Flatliners), and "hangs" (their word) with bassist Jason Black and drummer George Rebelo. It'll also include a Q&A with the band and you can help them build their setlist for their all-request set at The Fest this fall. (Assuming The Fest goes down as planned -- fingers crossed! -- these hometown Gainesville heroes are scheduled to do two sets, also including an A Flight and a Crash set.) The livestream goes down on The Fest's Facebook from 7-8:30 PM ET. Flyer below.

The Bouncing Souls - "World On Fire" lyrics
Some of us wanna be soldiers
Fighting for a cause in a far away land
Some of us wanna stay home
fighting the good fight and doing the best we can
What a time to be alive these are days that could kill us all we decide to do or die
Find a reason to save our Souls
What a time to be alive it’s alright in a world on Fire
Some people wanna be poets
Painting pictures with words and rhymes
Some of us just don’t know it
Living day to day touching the divine
What a time to walk the line
these are days that could kill us all we decide to do or die
Find a reason to save our Souls
What a time to be alive
it’s alright in a world on Fire

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