North Carolina's Bowerbirds are back with their first new music since 2012's The Clearing. Once a trio, Bowerbirds is now primarily the project of Phillip Moore now as he and Beth Tacular have split. Here's an update from Phil:

It’s been 8 years since you’ve heard new Bowerbirds music and you and I have changed in ways that we couldn't have imagined back then. The world has changed. Now there is an uncertainty that is hanging in the air like a thick fog. I’m releasing some music after many more memories have filtered through me. There have been some difficult times and therefore reasons to avoid making art. There have been some of the best times in my life and therefore even more reasons to avoid making art. Maybe I didn’t think I would release music again or maybe I always knew it would come eventually.

For those of you paying attention to the past, Beth and I have split up, but not before bringing new life into the world. Our paths are inextricably linked forever in deeper ways than just being members of the same band. But just I am picking up this music where we left off. In some moments of these recent years, neither Beth or I thought that any future was possible. But, for those of you who wish to pity either of us, please do not. Neither one of us could have predicted all of the joys of having a child. Neither one of us could have predicted that the sun would feel just as amazing through the window on a Sunday morning with a cup of coffee as it ever has. I am continuing on with music. Beth is immersed in her art.

Phil says both new songs, “Endless Chase” and “Hazel Eyes,” are "about memories, juxtaposing the feelings of when I was a child to now." While the lineup has changed, Bowerbirds folky sound remains intact. Watch the video for "Endless Chase" and listen to "Hazel Eyes" below.

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