Michigan's Boyfrienders began in the early 2010s as the acoustic solo project of Poppy Morawa, but it's since evolved into a full indie rock band, and they're now gearing up to release their third album Midwest Alive in Nightmares (pre-order). We're premiering lead single "The Moment," which takes some admitted and noticeable influence from Sonic Youth, but brings it into more of an emo/post-hardcore context. It also features guest vocals from Alex Stoitsiadis of fellow Michigan band Dogleg.

Poppy says, "'The Moment' was the first song that I wrote for this record. I was listening to a lot of Sonic Youth at the time, and our last record Scenes of Brooklyn or Meditations on Mid​-​Twenties Mediocrity, a concept album about New York City, was still fresh in my mind. So, I came up with the main verse riff, and with some help from my friend Ryan Shea, took it and structured it into a full song, and I kind of see it as an 'epilogue' of sorts to Scenes of Brooklyn, while also tying up many of the overall themes of Midwest Alive in Nightmares."

Listen below...

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