UK musician Stewart Anderson has led Boyracer for 30 years, having made jangly, shambolic low-fi indiepop for such labels as Sarah, Slumberland, Zero Hour, Happy Happy Birthday to Me and more. The band just released their 13th album, On a Promise, via Anderson's own Emotional Response Records and it finds Boyracer still in fine form with 17 short, ultra-catchy songs.

"I know every band says it, but it’s by far the best," Anderson tells us. "Lots of people bang on about the Sarah Records we made in the early 90s, or the Slumberland Records… and they were great at the time. But very rushed and put together on a shoestring. I don’t want to dismiss them entirely, quaint charm and all that. I think a lot of people like those records because they relate to what they were doing 25 years ago… There’s a nostalgic element, especially within indie music. Trapped in amber. Simpler times. I get it… But a millstone for a band like us who have been trawling the arse end of the music industry for 30 years now. If someone only ever heard one record by Boyracer, with unfettered ears, I’d like it to be this one."

This record is also the first that Anderson, who lives in Arizona these days, has made with new bandmate Christina Riley. Anderson says she "totally understands Boyracer, but has been able to stamp her own identity into the music also. She’s a joy to write and record with. Super proud of these songs we made together." You can listen to On a Promise below. We've also got the premiere of the video for "So Long," which he and Christina made in isolation. -- watch that below as well.

When he isn't making music with Boyracer, Anderson co-hosts music podcast A Quick One with Richard Adams (Hood, Declining Winter) and Matty Green (Boyracer, The Tall Boy). "It's been great fun," says Stuart. "We have a virtual meet up every week, drink a bit, play some tunes, and laugh a lot. I lived in Leeds with both Richard and Matty in the early 90s. Such dear old friends. I think that comes through with the banter on the podcast." You can listen to the latest episode below.