Philly punks Brackish will put out their new self-titled album on May 20 via self-release. It includes their 2021 singles "What Makes You Say" and "For Your Own Good," which were both recorded with The Early November's Ace Enders, plus ten more songs that the band recorded on their own. We're now premiering one of those new songs, "Friends That Drive," and it's a melodic punk ripper that fans of stuff like Lifetime and The Get Up Kids are gonna wanna feast their ears on.

"'Friends That Drive' is a short ode to how punk and DIY isn’t about stopping at 'good enough,'" the band tells us. "It should be about making something as awesome as you possibly can. The verses are sort of talking to myself and the chorus is the thought kind of snapping, 'oh wait okay let’s go.'"

Listen below...

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