Atlas Sound @ MHOW in October (more by Toby Tenenbaum)
Atlas Sound

Bradford Cox brings his Atlas Sound project to NYC for a show on Wednesday, February 3rd at the Bell House. tickets are on sale.

It's one of two dates currently booked for the group. The other is a February 26th show in San Francisco.

Over the weekend (12/12), Bradford posted a 2005 Deerhunter CD-R, Carve Your Initials Into the Walls of the Night, as a free download on his blog. He writes: "It features only me and Moses and is very experimental in nature. This was during our "tape phase" when we would often play shows as a duo (or as a trio with colin) playing only tape machines and vocal loops." The recording is linked above. Its tracklist, more info, Bradford's favorite albums of 2009, and tour dates below...

Deerhunter - Carve Your Initials Into the Walls of the Night (2005, Notown Sound)
1. Bright and Early (8:30)
2. Cicadas (3:56)
3. Rotation (8:03)
4. But I'm A Boy (6:54)
5. Three Dolphins Melting into Orange Wax (4:20)
6. Snow Dogs (2:12)
7. Dogs are Cool (3:41)
8. Homorobotic (3:54)
9. Cordless (2:05)
10. When I Taste Blood (2:53)

Recorded live to 2-track cassette machine at Moses' old house on North Ave & Ponce
"Mastered" at the Old Notown building on my dad's ancient PC using Soundforge,
Scans of all original artwork from the Notown Xerox Machine included.


Bradford Cox's "Best of 2009" list (via Pitchfork)

1. Privacy: Songs
I was given a test pressing of what I think is one of the most beautiful and haunted records I've ever heard. Only one person, Laurel Knapp, delivering fragmented songs with only a nylon guitar and her voice. I actually wore out the test pressing. It sounds very "alone" and evokes dust, crystal radios, and gin. My favorite thing I have heard all year.

2. Kurt Vile: Childish Prodigy
I just got this and don't know what to say. It is mind-blowing and reminds me of why I started playing music in the first place.

3. Ducktails: Landscapes
Afternoon music I can really get into. Half of it reminds me of this bootleg of Slowdive demos I bought somewhere, but better. The other half reminds me of Casino Versus Japan 4-track demos. I don't mean to compare him [Matthew Mondanile] to other artists, but I hold Casino Versus Japan sacred, and it's very rare someone captures that vibe.

4. Animal Collective: Fall Be Kind EP
I'm sure MPP is the most common no. 1 on everyone's list, but I'll be damned if this EP is not even more refined. Dave [Porter] sent it to me during my battle with pneumonia, and it honestly seemed to have a healing effect. It mixes with medicine well. I'd describe it like having a close friend who has been as sick as you currently are and is telling you, "You will get better." It does sound darker, but it also is somehow uplifting. Only real vessels of energy can manage to do that with music. I'm just being honest.

5. Broadcast and the Focus Group: Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age
I honestly did not get this at first. It seemed tossed off. Then I toured with them. I still didn't get it. It seemed like chaos had taken over and killed a pop band. Then halfway through the tour, it suddenly and without explanation made total sense to me. They are doing something new and fucked up. It's not always easy to digest. It has nothing to do with now. It is ritual music. They made something that genuinely challenged me as a listener, and it's been a long time since that's happened. I love them for it.

6. White Rainbow: New Clouds
Everything Adam [Forkner] does I adore. If I could have one person around all the time, it would be him. This record continues his run of great ambient records with his personality embedded in them.

7. Big Star: Keep an Eye on the Sky
Bought this for [Deerhunter guitarist] Lockett [Pundt] on his birthday because he'd been listening to their LPs a lot lately. I had never really "gotten" Big Star. I borrowed it one day and got sorted out.

8. St. Vincent: Actor
I am awe-struck by Annie [Clark] and her raw talent and consistency. She makes me want to try harder and practice more.

9. Neil Young: The Archives Vol. 1: 1963-1972
Very neat.


Atlas Sound - 2010 Tour Dates
Wed 02/03/10 The Bell House Brooklyn NY
Fri 02/26/10 Great American Music Hall San Francisco CA

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