Josephine Wiggs has been playing in indie rock bands for 30 years, most notably with The Breeders but also UK band The Perfect Disaster, the short-lived Luscious Jackson offshoot Kostars and defacto solo albums as Honey Tongue and The Josephine Wiggs Experience. This week she releases solo album We Fall, just under her own name, and it's a departure from what she's known for, crafting spare, mostly instrumental compositions inspired by Brian Eno and Harold Budd. She played most of the instruments on the album herself, including the lovely cello parts, but did get some help from friend, frequent collaborator and former Spacemen 3 drummer, John Mattock. We've got the premiere of We Fall's haunting title track, which does feature vocals, albeit just the title and here used ethereally much like the other instruments. Watch the video, which Josephine made as well, and listen to a few other tracks from the LP, below.



We Fall tracklist:
37 Words
Slipping Through The Cracks
We Fall
In A Yellow Wood
Loveliest Of Trees
Turn To Moss
The Weeping Of The Rain
Time Does Not Bring Relief
The Soft Stars That Shine

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