Dead Can Dance's Brendan Perry released, mostly out of the blue, a new solo album on Friday titled Songs of Disenchantment - Music from the Greek Underground. Perry says he first encountered Greek Rebetiko music in the mid-'70s in Melbourne, Australia and that he learned to play guitar while migrating to England via a six-week sea voyage on a Greek Ship. "Over the years my love for ‘all things Greek’ has run somewhat unabated and especially with regard to Rebetiko music. I have amassed a considerable collection of recorded music, traditional instruments and memorabilia over the years that would eventually give me the inspiration and valued education required to be able to record some of these wonderful songs."

Perry adds, "The fact that there has been virtually no recorded versions of Rebetiko songs sung in English was also a great surprise to me and was ultimately the prime motivator for me to share these songs with an English speaking audience as well as pique the curiosity of the die hard traditionalist."

Perry's baritone sounds as powerful as ever on these songs. You can stream the album, which he dedicates to "all Refugees Past, Present and Future," below.

brendan perry - songs of disenchantment


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