Two of Brian Eno's '90s collaborative albums are getting expanded reissues: 1990's Wrong Way Up, which he made with John Cale; and 1995's Spinner which was made with Jah Wobble. Vinyl and CD pressings will be out August 21 via All Saints Records with two bonus tracks for each.

Wrong Way Up originally came out on Opal/Warner Brothers was Eno's first "pop" record since 1977's Before and After Science, and both he and Cale sing. They apparently didn't get along for much of its making, but you don't get that from listening, though. It's one of the best records either have made, a wonderfully inventive modern pop album that holds up great. The reissue adds "Grandfather's House" and "Palanquin" plus comes with a 1990 Eno interview printed on the inner sleeve.

The all-instrumental Spinner was born out of the score Eno wrote for Derek Jarman's 1994 film Glitterbug. The score never got its own release, and Eno handed it over to Wobble who then either added to them, or used the ambient works as backdrop for new creations. "Yes, I didn't even hear it all till it was finished," Eno told The Wire in 1995. "I had no input at all on that stage of it. Everything that he put on, he produced. Anything you hear looming around in the back is probably what I produced." The reissue adds "Stravinsky" and "Lockdown" as well as liner notes from Eno and Wobble.

You can listen to the the original versions of Wrong Way Up and Spinner below and pre-order them here.

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