Posehn posing with a Ghost and Scott Ian
Brian Posehn

Heavy metal loving comedian Deadpool comic book writer Brian Posehn, who last year toured with Bob Odenkirk and David Cross, has a new batch of headlining shows scheduled including some on the east coat. Tickets for both Rhode Island (9/12 @ Fete) and Brooklyn (9/13 @ Knitting Factory) go on sale Friday (4/4) at 10am. A full tour hasn't been announced yet, but all the North American dates we know about are listed, along with Posehn's video for his Relapse-released "Metal By Numbers", below..

BRIAN POSEHN - "Metal By Numbers" (Official Music Video)

Metal by numbers, 1, 2, 3
Follow these rules and you will see
Cookie monster vocals or yell like a wookie
Metal by numbers, COOKIE, COOKIE, COOKIE!
Metal by numbers, 1, 2, 3
THIS IS THE GAY PART, with melody
Even a retard could do it, JUST GIVE IT A TRY!
Steal from Maiden or Metallica or Every Time I Die

Brian Posehn -- 2014 Tour Dates (more TBA)
4/3 Cobb's Comedy Club, San Francisco, CA
4/4 Cobb's Comedy Club, San Francisco, CA
4/5 Cobb's Comedy Club, San Francisco, CA
5/8 Club Congress, Tuscon, AZ
5/30 The Firebird, Saint Louis, MO
6/6 The Catalyst - Santa Cruz, CA (early & late)
6/12 Rumor's Comedy Club, Winnipeg
6/13 Rumor's Comedy Club, Winnipeg
6/14 Rumor's Comedy Club, Winnipeg
9/12 Fete Ballroom, Providence, RI
9/13 Knitting Factory, Brooklyn, NY
11/21 Musikfest Café, Bethlehem, PA