Bright Eyes teaser poster NYC
photo sent to us and taken by Tony Forde

Bright Eyes, who haven't released an album or toured since 2011, began teasing something on social media earlier this month, using the caption #BrightEyes2020. In the past few days, people have begun spotting new eye-chart themed Bright Eyes posters, like the one above from 36th & Madison in NYC, on the streets; the band has been posting them to Instagram, as well. The third-to-last line, under the red divider, varies from poster to poster, and they appear to be abbreviations for venues. "FRSTHLLS" (pictured above) seems like it has to be Forest Hills Stadium in NYC, and another (in the gallery below) seems likely to be End of the Road Festival. Other guesses include Hollywood Palladium in LA ("PLLDM"), and Liquid Room ("LIQUDRM"); take a look for yourself above and below.

We're still stumped on the first line under the blue divider, but the second appears to be an abbreviation for record label Dead Oceans. While Bright Eyes released all of their albums on Saddle Creek, Conor Oberst's 2019 collaborative album with Phoebe Bridgers, Better Oblivion Community Center, came out on Dead Oceans (his band Desaparecidos, who also used to be on Saddle Creek, released their 2015 reunion album on Epitaph). Perhaps he has something else planned with Dead Oceans for Bright Eyes - reissues? a new album? Stay tuned.

UPDATE: End of the Road is confirmed.

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