one of Dawson's pieces of artwork...
Brigid Dawson

Brigid Dawson has spent the last few years singing with Thee Oh Sees but, following the band's hiatus, she is taking a break from the band. Having moved to San Marin, CA, one of the things she's doing is her artwork, which she does with both paint and thread. Some of Dawson's work will be on display at Brooklyn vintage clothing store Worship from May 10 - June 8. Says Dawson:

These portraits, and sewn blanket, ceremonial robe, and quilt, are the direct result of a whole lot of time spent in the back of a van, dreaming. They are also the most tender fare thee well and thank you that I could imagine to the last ten years.

That's one of Dawson's pieces above. There's an opening reception at Worship on Saturday (5/10) from 7 PM to 11 PM with beverages in the store's open backyard and a performance by Jim McHugh (more info). Worship, by the way, is run by former K-Holes members Vashti Windish and Sara Villard.

Meanwhile, Thee Oh Sees, whose new album, Drop, is out now, will play a free show -- minus Dawson -- in McCarren Park on June 14 as part of Northisde Festival. RSVP is still open for that and you can also get in with your Northside Badge (which are still available). It's an all-new power trio lineup of the band,

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