Irish singer-songwriter Brigid Mae Power will release her third album, Head Above The Water, on June 5 via Fire. She made the record with Alasdair Roberts, her husband Peter Broderick, Brían Mac Gloinn, Stevie Jones, and Hamilton Belk, and she's just shared gorgeous new single "Wedding From a Friend." Brigid says it's "a song of a vivid memory I have from a few years back on a spring day, walking to the wedding of a friend." The video, directed by Rob Curry and film by Broderick, was shot on Brigid's rooftop "due to the current restrictions" and is simply Brigid singing to the camera...which more magnetic than it may sound. Watch that below.

We’ve been asking artists been asking artists what’s occupying their time while staying indoors and Brigid gave us a list of things that are mostly music (John Prine, Jessica Pratt, The Everly Brothers, more) but also a few books, films and TV shows. Check out her list, complete with commentary, below.


Seamus Creagh plays two polkas 1991
I’ve been learning Irish polkas on the button accordion. It’s a great way to keep your general musicality up and drive your neighbours mad.. Seamus Creagh plays two beautiful ones here on the fiddle.

"The Californians," SNL
My partner who’s from Oregon introduced me to this the other day, definitely got a few laughs in our household (no offence to anyone from California!)

The Lonely Londoners
I’ve been reading ‘The Lonely Londoners’ by Trinidadian author Samuel Selvon. It’s a great book about the experience of Jamaicans and Trinidadians in post-world war 2 London.. the ‘Windrush generation’. Definitely recommend!

Jessica Pratt- Quiet Signs
I love this album so much. It’s so soothing and calming. Great to listen to in this time of anxiety..

John Prine - "Angel from Montgomery" (live by the river)
I was learning this song to pay tribute to John while he’s sick with the coronavirus, and came across this beautiful video of him playing this song by a river.

The Everly Brothers - "Like Strangers"
Ooooooooh how romantic.

Erroll Garner - "Misty"
Don’t you just love this song? I’m stuck in the past and I’m happy there

Who is Harry Kellerman and Why Is He Saying Those Terrible Things About Me?
Someone I live with is having a bit of a Shel Silverstein obsession, so we watched a film that he wrote all the songs and music for which features a young Dustin Hoffman. Oh my God, watch it, it’s so weird.

Mary Black, Emmylou Harris and Dolores Keane - "Sonny" (1991)
An epic collaboration with some great Irish and American musicians that I grew up listening to. Favourite part of mine is when Emmylou gives Davy Spillane (a great Uilleann Piper) a lil nod at 2:52.

James Booker - "Pixie" (live at Montreux Jazz Fest 1978)
I’ve been revisiting piano players that I was really into as a teenager. One of them is James Booker.. He’s such a genius at the piano! Before I started songwriting, my dream was to be a piano player like this guy. Alas it never happened.

Coretta: My Life, My Love, My Legacy
When I can be disciplined enough to get off the internet, I’ve been reading the autobiography of Coretta Scott King. It’s been fascinating to know about her life. She was a gifted singer as well as a great activist.




1. On A City Night
2. Wearing Red That Eve
3. Wedding Of A Friend
4. Not Yours To Own
5. I Was Named After You
6. We Weren’t Sure
7. You Have A Quiet Power
8. I Had To Keep My Circle Small
9. The Blacksmith
10. Head Above The Water

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