Two weeks ago, Brockhampton member Ameer Vann responded to allegations of emotional abuse and having sex with a minor, and he apologized for "selfish, childish, and unkind" behavior towards women, but denied the abuse allegations, saying "I have never criminally harmed anyone or disrespected their boundaries. I have never had relations with a minor or violated anybody’s consent." Brockhampton leader Kevin Abstract later addressed the allegations, and now the group have issued an official statement announcing that Ameer is no longer in Brockhampton. It reads:

Ameer is no longer in BROCKHAMPTON.

We want to sincerely apologize to the victims affected by Ameer's actions. We were lied to, and we're sorry for not speaking up sooner.

We do not tolerate abuse of any kind. This is not a solution to their suffering, but we hope this is a step in the right direction.

We are going to cancel the remaining dates of our current US tour to go home and regroup.

The cancelled US dates presumably include NYC's Governors Ball, which they were to have played this coming weekend. In his previous statement, Kevin Abstract also mentioned that they might be pushing back the release of their next album.

UPDATE: Governors Ball said on Twitter that Brockhampton won't be performing, and that they'll be announcing a replacement on Tuesday (5/29).

Brockhampton performed at Boston Calling yesterday (5/26), where they took the stage without Ameer, and remained silent during the parts where his verses would have been, but did not explicitly address his absence.

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