Broken Social Scene's Kevin Drew has announced a new solo album titled Influences that will be released under the name K.D.A.P. (aka Kevin Drew a Picture) on July 16 via Arts & Crafts. It's an all instrumental record, created during the pandemic while Kevin was in England, and much of it was made while in the "woods of Slinfold and along the canals of Islington" using smartphone software Endless. Despite the circumstances, Kevin says it's the kind of record he's been wanting to make for a while, ambient and ethereal, drawing inspiration from Eno to Morricone and beyond.

Kevin has shared the album's opening track, "The Slinfold Loop," as well as its mind-expanding music video. “We live in a society that’s based on selling yourself back to yourself," says Kevin. "It’s created an underground battle to constantly be searching for ‘true identity’. We wanted to create a video presentation that promotes exploring over searching and brings the mystical slide-show of never ending opinion to the forefront of this battle. We used available footage from the World Wide Web from other artists and cut together a blender of images to tell a love story about continuing to move forward amongst the never ending information of how one is supposed to live.” Watch that below.

Kevin is no stranger to instrumentals -- Broken Social Scene's "Pacific Theme" made our list of "20 Great Instrumentals by Non-Instrumental Bands."

kevin drew KDAP influences


Side A
The Slinfold Loop
Hopefully Something
Dooms Dive
Shadow Rescues

Side B
You and Me and Them
Wilner’s Parade
Explosive Lip Balm
Almost Victory (Keep End Going)

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