Connecticut hardcore band Broken Vow (whose vocalist Tommy Harte has recently been playing as Anxious' touring guitarist) have just followed their December 2021 EP Same Minds End with a new split EP with Canada's Set Straight. There's two new songs by each band, and here's what Tommy told No Echo about how that split came together:

The connection between our bands formed when guitarist Colby Tio and I connected about hardcore on the internet some time around September 2020. This connection trickled out to the rest of our bands becoming friends with each other, and as we live in separate countries, and formed our friendship during a global pandemic, the most obvious path of collaboration between us was to release a split.

Tommy cites the band's core influences influences as "Earth Crisis, Strain, and their New Age Records contemporaries" but adds that the new material also pulls from bands like xRepentancex and Fear Factory, and that should give you a good idea of what to expect from the bone-crushing, '90s-style metallic hardcore songs on this new split. "I wanted an unbridled, borderline stream-of-consciousness presentation of the way me and my generation views the world we’ve been given and the issues that define our time," Tommy adds to No Echo about the subject matter of the new songs. "The failure of our leaders to keep their promises, and the failure of our culture to care for humanity over money."

Set Straight's new songs are cut from a similarly heavy cloth and fit right in with Broken Vow. Listen to the whole thing below.

As mentioned, Broken Vow are gearing up to open some Northeast shows for One Step Closer, including Hingham, MA's Sons of Italy on 5/19, Long Island's Massapequa VFW on 5/20, NJ's Log Cabin on 5/21, and OSC's only home-town Wilkes-Barre show of 2022: 5/22 at Karl Hall. Soul Blind are also on the latter two gigs.


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