Word on the street -- for a while now -- has been that that Greenpoint's Brooklyn Bazaar is probably closing by the end of the year, and possibly as early as December 1st. No announcement has been made yet, but a look at their current schedule seems to back up this claim, as there are no shows currently scheduled past a November 23rd New York Night Train with Jonathan Toubin and Nobunny. If they were planning on staying open much later than that, it would be unusual to have no shows scheduled past six weeks from now (look at any venue - they are full of December 2019 and 2020 events already).

Perhaps the landlord -- who is currently selling the building through Meridian Investment Sales for a price that's available "upon request," although this April listing shows an asking price of $11.75 million -- is getting it ready for potential new owner. And even if the venue did stay, their future in this building wouldn't be very long assuming it sells. As the listing says, the building can be "delivered vacant."

Before it moved to 150 Greenpoint Ave, the former home of the Polonaise Terrace banquet hall, Brooklyn Bazaar was known as Brooklyn Night Bazaar and located at 165 Banker St. It was forced to close in May of 2015 to make way for a BMW dealership.

Stay tuned for more info, and meanwhile go see a show at Brooklyn Bazaar before it's too late. Highlights include Vein, Flipper with David Yow, two nights of Vio-Lence, and Gatecreeper.

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