Bushwick DIY music and art space The Glove temporarily closed for two weeks earlier this year due to difficulty paying utility bills. The space did reopen earlier this month, but in order to keep afloat, they've set up a GoFundMe campaign with a $10,000 goal to help repay debts. Here's an excerpt from the GoFundMe page:

We are humbly asking the community to send some extra support. We are asking 10k to help us re-open, resolve the financial hiccups we incurred over the break, pay down the debt we were previously managing, and share the support with our network of Glove friends who have been affected by the programming suspension. With your help we can continue to serve our community of artists, performers, musicians, freaks, punks, kids, adults, folks, travelers, locals, and aliens free of debt and with a new lease on nightlife.

As of this week, the space has made nearly half of its goal. You can contribute to the campaign HERE.

Tonight at The Glove it's their 420 Party, and Lina Tulgren Wei Zhongle, Ruth Garbus, and Outside World play on April 27 (info).

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