Compa is a hardcore band from Brooklyn, NY.

Informed by the perspectives of being working class, queer, a woman of color, and the children of undocumented immigrants, Compa’s music is a diatribe against white supremacy, a tribute to the migration stories that made them and to the people that they love.

The quote above is from the bio of Brooklyn band Compa, who released their killer six-song self-titled debut EP on the very intentional release date of July 4th. "Yes, it was on purpose. Fuck patriotism, fuck the fourth, and fuck 12," they told No Echo. "White supremacy is a many-headed snake. Each of these songs is our way of chopping off their heads," they add on Bandcamp

The band tell No Echo that their wide range of influences include Rage Against the Machine, Bad Brains, Limp Wrist, Deftones, Converge, American Nightmare, Agnostic Front, Fertil Miseria, BIB, Gulch, Warthog, NØ MAN, Soul Glo, H09909, Fever 333, and others, and that should give you a pretty good idea of where this band is coming from. The EP straddles the line between hardcore and screamo, and the unflinching lyrics come through loud and clear. Elaborating on the EP to No Echo, vocalist Sayuri said:

White supremacy is very much ingrained in all non black people. White supremacy is present in the school systems, healthcare system, and in us. There are metal detectors in predominantly black and brown communities that from the beginning treat kids as criminals. Who gets access to good healthcare? We see now with COVID-19 the wealth gap grows and black and brown undocumented people are denied stimulus checks or any type of federal aid.

Hardcore is not exempt from white supremacy. What I find troubling with a lot of harcore bands, especially all white bands is that many of them are very vague when they are speaking about current issues. I think the reason is because they do not want to alienate their fans who might be racist or far right. I think that’s cowardly.

‘Brown’ is about growing up as a young fat brown girl and being made to feel worthless by other brown kids. It was very confusing to me. As I got older I realized that their actions were very much informed by white supremacist beliefs. They hated themselves and me. But why? I think white supremacy is very much a part of our world that it has us hating on people that sometimes look like us.

White supremacy is a many-headed snake because it’s not enough to say you’re anti-racist. What are you committing to change about the way you navigate this world? How are you complicit?

Compa also seem like they'd be awesome live, and unfortunately that's not gonna happen anytime soon, but they did release a live session video, and you can watch that and stream the EP below...


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