Since the release of their 2017 debut LP Currents, Brooklyn indie-punks Early Riser have solidified their four-piece lineup -- with founding members Kiri Oliver (vocals/guitar) and Heidi Vanderlee (cello/vocals) now joined by Nicole Nussbaum on bass/vocals and Mikey Erg on drums/vocals -- and they're planning to release their sophomore album Vocations on March 26 via Anti-Flag's A-F Records. We're premiering the title track, which fuses power-poppy punk, soaring cello, and rollicking Americana rhythms, sounding sort of like a cross between that dog. and early Against Me!.

"'Vocations' is about deciding what's important to you and what you want to spend your time and energy on," Kiri tells us. "Although it was written before the pandemic, it took on new meaning for us over the past year. For the video, Jess Lane had the brilliant idea to have us play bored astronauts who find our callings, which captured both the spirit of the song and the experience of quarantine." The band members each shot their parts on their own iPhones in their separate apartments, with Jess directing over Zoom, and you can see the fun, funny fruits of their labors below.


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