New York City is usually home to a dozen or so outdoor movie programs during the summer. The coronavirus may put the kibosh on that this season (we shall see), but another COVID-19 trend -- the drive-in theater resurgence -- is coming to Brooklyn. Skyline Drive-In will open in Greenpoint right by the Brooklyn Expo Center at 1 Oak Street right by the East River. As their name implies, in addition to movies, the drive-in is touting views of Manhattan:

Skyline Drive-In NYC is a unique drive-in cinema experience. Our location, situated on the East River with killer views of the Manhattan Skyline, may seem familiar to you. Perhaps you’ve seen it on SNL? Or in a Fendi or Converse ad? That’s because Skyline Drive-In is not just for showing movies—it’s for making them too, as a photo and filming location.

Skyline Drive-In will show movies on Friday and Saturday evenings and you can bring your own food and drink, but they do ask you take your trash with you when you leave. Their website has dates for this weekend but no movies announced yet. Stay tuned. Check out some of Skyline Drive-In's Instagrams below.

Greenpointers points out that those without cars aren't necessarily shut out -- when the drive-in opens, it'll have an outdoor seating area for pedestrians.

In related news, Yankee Stadium's parking lot will be home to the Uptown Drive-In every weekend in July, featuring "live performances from local artists, car side dinner service from our fantastic street vendors, drinks from local and national brands, a movie feature presentation, games, raffles, and tons of giveaways."

Drive-in concerts are also trying to be a thing, and EDM artist Marc Rebillet will launch a tour of drive-ins in June.

Meanwhile, in Miami, the Miami Dolphins are turning their home, Hard Rock Stadium, into a drive in theater where you can drive right onto the field where the team plays during the fall season. They'll be showing "classic Miami Dolphins content from the team’s 54-year history, classic motion picture films, host commencement ceremonies and other events." There's room for 230 cars on the stadium floor.

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