Brooklyn-based harpist and songwriter Rebecca Kitba Bryson El-Saleh, who has appeared on recordings from Cassandra Jenkins and JG Thirlwell, among others, has announced their self-titled debut album as Kitba, due out July 21 via Ruination Record Co (pre-order). They made it with co-producer Zubin Hensler, drummer Jason Burger, upright bassist Carmen Q. Rothwell, guitarist and bassist Ryan Weiner, and guitarist Gregg Belisle-Chi. See the cover art and tracklist below.

The first single is poignant art-pop track "My Words Don't Work." "I tried not to put this on the album and was initially embarrassed to show it to Zubin Hensler, who engineered, co-produced, and mixed the record," Rebecca says. "The vulnerability of saying something this direct felt uncomfortable, but Zubin was supportive and (thankfully) insistent that it be a part of the record. There was an initial version (that got released on a benefit compilation for Whateverʼs Clever) that was just harp and voice, recorded together a foot from Zubin in the control room of his Sunset Park studio, but I had another more demoed out version that I couldnʼt get out of my head. This is the only song I have ever pushed to reimagine. I see it as being addressed to someone external or internal, about an inability to articulate oneself and the yearning felt when trying to convey anything that means anything." Watch the lyric video below.

Kitba - Kitba

1. Tell Me What I Am
2. My Words Don't Work
3. Peel Away the Rind
4. I'm Empty
5. Tied To Strings
6. Untie the Binds
7. This Body
8. It's Just Me
9. Waiting
10. Spilling Out
11. Doing It Wrong

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