This free BrooklynVegan show takes place on two stages at Radio Room in Austin, Texas this Thursday afternoon, March 19, 2009 from noon-6pm. Set times, more info, and answers to (hopefully) all FAQ's below...

Set times (subject to change slightly):

05:15 Passion Pit
04:00 The Avett Brothers
03:00 The Wrens
02:15 Daniel Johnston backed by Hymns
01:30 Bishop Allen
12:45 The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
12:00 The Donkeys

04:30 Thao with the Get Down Stay Down
03:30 Cursive
02:45 These Arms Are Snakes
02:00 Au Revoir Simone
01:15 New Villager
12:30 TBA


Q: Who designed that sweet flyer?
A: The very talented Tammijean Triplett

Q: Is this party free?
A: Yes

Q: Do I need a badge?
A: No, this is not a SXSW event

Q: Do I need to RSVP?
A: No

Q: Can I be on the list?
A: There is no list

Q: Is this party All Ages?
A: Yes

Q: What time should I get there?
A: In time to see the opening band of course!

Q: What time should I get there to guarantee it won't be full?
A: I can't answer that, but people always come and go.

Q: The Wrens are active again?
A: Yes

Q: Are the Avett Brothers playing any other shows at SXSW this year?
A: Only the NPR official SXSW showcase with The Decemberists at Stubb's.

Q: Should I even bother coming late just to see Passion Pit?
A: Yes, people will leave after The Avett Brothers.

Q: Are Passion Pit playing any other shows at SXSW this year?
A: Only the invite-only Spin party at Stubb's and the Frenchkiss official SXSW showcase at Emo's.

Q: What other shows is Daniel Johnston playing at SXSW this year?
A: Only the Agency Group official SXSW showcase at Emo's

Q: What about These Arms are Snakes?
A: Their only other show is the Suicide Squeeze SXSW showcase at Red Eyed Fly.

Q: Will there free beer at this party?
A: Yes, courtesy of Magic Hat (until it runs out).

Q: But I don't drink and/or am under 21...
A: We will have free Izze too!

Q: Anything else free besides the beer and music?
A: Yes, there should be some random schwag around

Q: What is Radio Room?
A: Last year the space was called Bourbon Rocks (507 E. 6th St).

Q: Is Radio Room easy to get to?
A: Yes, it is right near 6th & Red River.

Q: Can you put me on the guestlist?
A: See above

Q: Who is The Agency Group?
A: They are a booking agency I partnered with to do this party.

Q: Are all of the bands playing the party booked by The Agency Group?
A: No

Q: Did The Agency Group decide who played the party?
A: No, but they let me know who on their very large and varied roster was available.

Q: The Agency Group books Devo and Tricky. Why are they not also playing this party?
A: That's what I'm wondering!

Q: Who else is helping make this party happen?
A: The fine folks at Paste Magazine, KEXP, and others behind the scenes who know who they are. Thanks all!

Q: Are you doing any other shows in Austin this year?
A: Yes, four shows total (one Wed Black Bubblegum-heavy day party, one Wed night official SXSW showcase, this show, and a TBA-any-second Sweden-heavy Friday day party) plus Bill is sitting on a panel, and BB is judging a battle of the bands with GZA

Q: Have you been getting enough sleep?
A: No

Q: Didn't you forget to mention [something] or [someone]?
A: Yes, probably, sorry!

Here's the flyer again...


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